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and the south a 15- month-old indiana girl who was clinging to life has been laid to rest. >> the funeral was held yesterday for angel babcock. her mother father, two siblings as well. she died two days after the hit. >> president obama will speak at a high school graduation ceremony in joplin, 0missouri after a twister last year. the school was among thousands destroyed. a new school has been built since then. the speech is may 23. >> time for a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is standing by in the weather center with a look at the cold forecast or at least a cold start today. >> widespread 20's outside on this tuesday morning. we are on the cold side of the high-pressure system. we will have a lot of sunshine. tomorrow, we will be on the one side of the system and temperatures will climb. 32 right now in the district, 20 in martinsburg. dulles airport, 23. 21 in manassas. the temperatures will drop a few degrees until sunrise which is around 6:30 a.m. no clouds to speak of with the exception of ohio. they could send us a few high, thin clouds later on today. h
dozen people dead in the midwest and the south, you're taking a live look from harryville, indiana. you can see where a school bus is covered with debris here. they're trying to rule out any more possible victims. families are combing through this debris trying to learn what happened to loved ones and friends. here's more details. devastating pictures brianne. >> absolutely. some big images there out of the midwest. overwhelming emotion from many families after these storms slammed a number of states over the weekend. and what many were hoping to be a triumph in the face of these twisters turned to tragedy yesterday with another life lost. in the storm-ravaged town of henryville indiana, are the wild wind ripped apart so many lives and home more pain from mother nature. overnight, snow moved in making cleanup efforts more complicated. >> there's still a lot of confusion, a lot of chaos, a lot of loss. >> this comes as the number of lives lost continues to climb. yesterday, 15-month-old angel babcock who was the only member of her family surviving
surge from wichita state's two events to the n.c.a.a. tournament round. a 52-59 upset win. indiana will play on saturday. colorado was also a winner. that was the last game of the night. >> now look at today's action. >> the georgetown hoyas played belmont at 3:00 this afternoon. it worked out yesterday in columbus, ohio. the georgetown hoyas are aware of the talent at belmont. one of their seven losses this season was by one point to duke. >> they can shoot very well. they are a good team. 14-game winning streak speaks volumes. >> we cannot look at them being 14. we have to look at them as any other team half the plant. >> we have come to play hard to. the georgetown is favored in the game. virginia will play the florida gators at 2:10 this afternoon. have a great day, everybody. tgif. a lot of distractions today with basketball and the good weather. >> no complaints. >> it's 49 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> violence in a quiet neighborhood in fairfax. the latest on the search for a man who attacked a woman. >> temperatures are still very mild, not record-breaking today.
at surveillance video from a school bus as a tornado struck in henryville, indiana, earlier this month. the video was shot three minutes after the driver and 11 children club the bus for shelter. school officials had sent students home early that day because of tornado warnings. it's good they got out of the bus when they did. the school bus was thrown into the side of a diner. 5:42, 44 degrees. google wants to join the tablets market. linda bell has that story. first, if five people arrested in a >> tonight's a lucky lottery player could become a half billion dollars richer. the mega millions jackpot is up to a record-breaking . breaking540 million on our facebook page this morning we are asking what is the most extravagant thing you would buy if you won the mega millions? one person says that she would buy a decked out yacht. jennifer says that she wants property. a mansion in laguna hills, a beachfront property in huntington, and a beach home in hawaii. and jennifer is taking it one step further, she says that she wants a waterfront home with a private island. all of those sound amazing. it's
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4